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    50 times people weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed

    Let’s admit it. We try not to laugh at the things clueless people say online, but it is simply hard not to! I can totally understand why these 50 people decided to share their encounters with people who are not as smart as they thought they are. I mean, they are too hilarious to be […] More

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    10+ Ways To Fight Back Against Grogginess In The Morning

    Alarm clocks are an incredibly handy invention – but you probably don’t think so at 6:30 on a Monday morning, when yours is blaring away and you just want an extra hour or so of shuteye. We’ve all experienced morning grogginess, especially those of us who don’t consider ourselves early birds. The harsh reality of […] More

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    40 Teachers Hilariously Summing Up Distance Learning

    With this pandemic, so many people have to adjust to new situations. For teachers, students, parents, and school administrators, they had to adjust to distance learning and bring the school online. And with online learning, it brought about new problems, new challenges, and new adjustments for all of the people involved. But the bad also […] More

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    44 Creative “Pun” Halloween Costumes Making Us Laugh

    In a few more weeks, it will be Halloween. Do you have your costume ready? These “punny” Halloween costume ideas are absolutely hilarious! You’ll surely be inspired to make your own after seeing these fabulous 44 Halloween costumes inspired by funny puns! More

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    55 People who didn’t notice there terrible typos

    As humans, it’s totally normal for us to make mistakes. But there are some mistakes that we can’t seem to let go as easily — like someone parking their car in two slots, not putting the toilet seat down, forgetting your mom’s birthday, — and typos. Typos are especially notorious because it can, and it […] More

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