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    The Story Behind 50 Powerful Tattoos

    Tattoos are a permanent reminder of something significant or special in our lives. Sometimes people get them just because, holding little to no special significance at all. Still, every tattoo has a story and some of them are just as powerful as the tattoos themselves. Take a look at some of the tattoos that have […] More

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    25 Cringeworthy Hook-Up Stories

    Hey Reddit, what’s your most embarrassing or shameful hookup story? Well, Redditers delivered the answers to this question in the most hilarious, cringe-worthy ways! From being stuck in a glass box of shame, to getting a discount coupon to Perkins the morning after, to hearing about all the gross things you wouldn’t dare discuss with […] More

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    50 Funny Electronic Freeway Signs

    Freeways can be a dangerous place. That’s why local departments of transportation will have electronic signs with messages for their drivers. These messages are intended to keep drivers safe. And in some states, they are also intended to make you laugh. Maybe the laughter will make the safety messages stick in your minds. It could […] More

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    30 Unwritten Courtesies That Should Actually Be Laws

    When you think about it, it’s actually the unwritten laws of society that keeps us from fully falling into chaos. Seriously, there are no laws that require people to fall in line in stores or to wait for their turn to use ATMs. Nonetheless, we all still follow them. But there are some important unwritten […] More

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    30 Warm Photos That Can Brighten The Darkest Days

    Often in life, the everyday struggle to survive can get you down. Whether you have a job you hate, negative co-workers, or trouble at home, life usually throws curve balls your way when you least expect it. With everything that happens, how are you supposed to keep a positive attitude? With many people, attitude is […] More

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    30 Relationship Red Flags You Should Definitely Take Seriously

    Relationships are hard. No matter what kind they are. They all take work. But some just aren’t worth the trouble. And most of the time we realize this before we even enter the relationship fully. But sometimes we refuse to acknowledge this. It’s called a red flag. They are bright and bold and we still […] More

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