15 People Who Deeply Regret Their Online Shopping Experience

Buying online is actually convenient for many of us. It lets you buy the things that you need without leaving the comfort of your home.

Ecommerce platforms are rampant nowadays especially now that we’re in a pandemic. The good thing is they are accessible and you can visit them anytime you want.

The convenience that it brings to us is incomparable.

However, there are also times where you would experience online shopping nightmares. Just like getting damaged products and wrong items.

These 15 people also experienced different online shopping fails and some of them are hilarious!

1. It was not made for him.

Source: Reddit/Jaget23

This guy posted what he received when he bought a “Kinfine Boys Arm Chair” from Amazon. He called his failed purchase “Amazon misunderstanding” because what he received was way smaller than he expected. I just wish that he had younger siblings who could use this little thing.

2. Expensive scam

Source: Reddit/samfisher457

Imagine buying an expensive smartphone online than receiving a piece of rock right after? That’s totally heartbreaking! I hope that the real culprit was identified in this case. No one deserves to experience this!

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