20 Insane Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True

Oh, conspiracy theories. Aren’t they entertaining? We’ve all heard about one or two conspiracies in life and, in this day in age, it’s getting harder and harder to decipher fact from fiction.
But, sometimes – even the wildest conspiracy theories are actually true – and we found 20 of the craziest.
These seemingly totally insane conspiracy theories are much more real than we’d probably want to think. So, if you’ve ever thought the moon landing was faked, the government is reading your texts, or that Elvis is still alive – you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

1) Tobacco companies always knew about the risks

When tobacco companies first started advertising decades ago, they started donating millions and millions of dollars to help “prove” that there was a lack of harm in smoking. However, in 1998, they all had to buck up and own the truth. It turns out, all that research actually showed that smoking caused lung cancer and serious health issues, and Philip Morris had to finally admit it.

2) The CIA heavily studied UFOs in the 1950s

Not long ago, US intelligence agencies released documents from the 1950s related to UFO studies. In these creepy documents, there is logged information about people who claimed to have seen UFOS – a total of 575 cases in 23 years. The eeriest bit of info is the “peak” of alien activity recorded in 1952 on July 29. For 6 hours in a row, dozens of Americans saw a strange glimmering in the sky – which science now says is temperature inversion. The point is, it was clear that the CIA did consider these flying objects study-worthy.

3) Major oil companies conspired to fix prices

Everyone hates paying for expensive gas for our cars. But, the major oil companies don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. In fact, it was found that during a scandal in 2008, journalists uncovered proof of a conspiracy theory that said they were fixing prices. Since the conspiracy started in 2002, the price of gas has grown all around the globe.

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