25 Cringeworthy Hook-Up Stories

Hey Reddit, what’s your most embarrassing or shameful hookup story?

Well, Redditers delivered the answers to this question in the most hilarious, cringe-worthy ways!

From being stuck in a glass box of shame, to getting a discount coupon to Perkins the morning after, to hearing about all the gross things you wouldn’t dare discuss with your friends, here are 55 cringe-worthy hookup stories that you never knew were even possible.

1) Oops, That’s Not A Condom!

All this guy had to do was grab the condom he had in his pocket. Things got spicy, but not the way he had planned.

2) That’s What Good Wingmen Are For

When you’ve had a little bit too much to drink, it’s easy to forget that you have wingmen right by your side. And they can see everything you’re doing!

3) MHMMM!!!!!!

This is why you shouldn’t lose your virginity in the bathroom at a big party. You never know who’s lining up at the door to listen in.

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