25 Fashion Rules For Every Man And 25 For Every Woman

Fashion trends come and go, but some rules always remain the same.
Whether you know the dos and don’ts or are still learning how to put together the perfect outfit, it never hurts to go with what always works.

We’ve put together some of the most important rules to follow.

Here are 25 fashion rules to live by if you are a man and 25 if you are a woman:

#1 For him – Always match leather

If you are wearing more than one leather item, such as a belt and shoes, make sure that they are roughly the same color. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it should be close.
And no, tan and brown leather are not quite close enough to be considered the same.

#1 For her – Stick with what works for you

When you find what looks really good on you, stick with it and work everything else around it. Some very stylish people focus their entire wardrobe around just one or two looks that are uniquely them. Consider it your trademark.

#2 For him – Have the proper tie length

The tip of a tie should end where it just barely meets your belt. It is worth the extra time and a few tries to get it right. Otherwise, the entire look will be thrown off. Remember, it’s the centerpiece of the entire outfit.

#2 For her – Don’t be afraid to try men’s clothing

There are some gems hidden in the men’s rack. This is especially true if you don’t have a classically female body in every single aspect.
Don’t be afraid to experiment just because of the section of the store some clothing items are hiding in.

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