30+ Hysterical Statements That People Under 20 Will Have No Chance Of Understanding

Life has changed a lot for the kids of today. What’s more, it’s changed fast. That means that people above the age of 20 probably have had vastly different experiences from those who are still in their teen years. The internet is bigger than ever, social media is a constant part of our lives, and there are tons of technologies that people couldn’t even dream of just a couple of decades ago.

For people who grew up before all that, though? There are a lot of fond memories (and not-so-fond) of the way life was back before all this began. Most of them don’t seem all that long ago.

But the simple fact is, they’re probably a foreign concept for kids who are still in high school these days. Whether it’s about the way our parents treated us or the hoops we had to jump through to rent a movie, there’s no doubt that life was another story for kids in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

And, hey, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily better. But when things move so fast, it’s only natural to get nostalgic for the “good old days” … even if they had their ups and downs. Here are 30+ hilarious tweets about those experiences that people under 20 won’t understand.

1. We were speedy back in those days.

Back in those days, there was no, “Alexa, pause.” Instead, any bathroom breaks you took had better be efficient. Want to get a snack? That had to be the speediest snack that has ever been prepared. Because if you missed the start of your show, there was no going back.

2. When you broke the spell of school hours.

There was nothing more glorious as an elementary schooler than breaking free of school in the middle of the day for a couple of hours. It was almost always for something boring, like a doctor’s appointment, but walking back in with some fast food and seeing your classmates’ envy? Nothing like it.

3. And every ‘90s kid cheered.

This is one of those seemingly trivial things that every kid from the ‘90s remembers. That plastic-sm7elling orange videotape with the vaguely inappropriate kids’ movie on it? It was “Rugrats in Paris,” and it was a classic, even though you don’t know how your parents agreed to let you watch it.

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