30+ Hysterical Statements That People Under 20 Will Have No Chance Of Understanding

10. Wonder who it’s from?

No one can forget the fierce outcry from millennial children back when “Blue’s Clues” said goodbye to Steve. Joe will never replace him, and we’ll fight bitterly to stand by our belief in that. If you want to see an entire generation rally together, just say the words “Steve vs. Joe” and watch the sparks fly.

11. Has it really been that long?

Well, this must have been a startling wakeup call for the people who came of age with the internet. Are there really people who don’t remember the wonderful and horrible parts of Myspace? There are so many memories that we remember fondly — and some angsty ones that we’d rather forget.

12. Mid-2000s nirvana.

If there was anything that could describe the perfect day for a pre-teen back in the mid-2000s, it’s free, illegal music. We were all more than willing to expose our desktop computers to a lot of bad viruses just to get some free music downloads. As for the other things … well, let’s just say that that was the perfect Saturday afternoon.

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