30+ Hysterical Statements That People Under 20 Will Have No Chance Of Understanding

25. No status updates for us.

Back then, we lived in the moment by necessity more than anything. That doesn’t necessarily mean our way of doing it was better or worse, but it definitely means that the memories are a little different. We didn’t have Facebook or Twitter, and it was even before the infamous days of Myspace.

26. It was harder to become an expert photographer back then.

You could take 100 photos in one day, but you had no idea if they were all terrible. In fact, you probably wouldn’t know for another week, when you finally got a chance to go to the store in person and get them developed. Then, you had to throw away all the bad ones.

27. Waiting hours for a website to load wasn’t uncommon.

We were all thrilled about the advent of the internet, but those early days were not exactly easy. None of us will forget the sound of dial-up and the painful wait times for clunky websites. We should all think about that the next time we get irritated by a slow-loading mobile app.

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