30 People Who Noticed Something Strange And Couldn’t Just Ignore It

As is usually the case, taking the perfect photo is a matter of timing. More often than not, photographers either take the photo too soon, catching the action before it has even begun, or too late, missing the opportune moment completely.
From the funny to the truly bizarre, photos taken at just the right moment can both entertain and leave you scratching your head on how exactly the action in it was pulled off. The subject matter of such photos ranges from people and animals caught in bewildering and sometimes funny situations to surprises found in the weirdest of places.

Luckily, the takers of these photos had their cameras, or phones, ready when it really mattered. Here are some photos by people who noticed something strange and were able to get the perfect photo.

1) Happy Driver

Here is a window decal for the driver who wants to appear relaxed and laid back. The decal exudes such a happy vibe. Chances are, though, that this decal could cause an awkward moment if the driver gets pulled over by the police.

2) In Case of Fire

Here is a perfect example of just how much popular culture has infiltrated our society. Someone has placed Squirtle, a popular character in the Pokemon universe. True to his cartoon roots, Squirtle, with his water-generating powers, would be the perfect Pokemon to have on hand in case of a fire.

3) So Many Mushrooms

How many mushrooms are too many? Obviously none if you go by this photo. Those things look huge BTW. I think they would be perfect chopped up and sautéed in butter. By the looks of it, this person is actually studying and not eating them. Too bad.

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