30 Unwritten Courtesies That Should Actually Be Laws

When you think about it, it’s actually the unwritten laws of society that keeps us from fully falling into chaos. Seriously, there are no laws that require people to fall in line in stores or to wait for their turn to use ATMs. Nonetheless, we all still follow them.

But there are some important unwritten rules that aren’t as popular or as widely-followed. So, the people of Reddit took it upon themselves to enumerate these unwritten rules which they also think should be passed into law.

#1 Knowing Door Etiquette Goes A Long Way

Holding the door open (even for only a while) for the next person is not only polite, it’s also basic decency. Trust us; you’11 wish this rule was law when you experience having a door accidentally shut in your face.

#2 Something Every Commuter Should Follow

Frequent commuters know how frustrating it is seeing rude fellow commuters forcing their way into a packed train while the people inside are still trying to get off. Same goes for elevators.

#3 This Is Student Camaraderie

You know there’s always that one teacher’s pet who will go out of their way to remind your teacher about that assignment or deadline. And they should be rightfully punished.

#4 A Matter of Perspective

Here’s a great reminder. You may be having a bad day, but you shouldn’t rain on other people’s parade. Find a way to vent your frustrations without ruining everyone else’s day too.

#5 Something New Parents Should Know

While babies are bound to cry at some point, it’s a good idea to wait until the current crying spell is over before entering a restaurant or movie theater.

#6 The Real Girl Code

All women are friends when it comes to period dilemmas. Besides, women already walk around with extra tampons or pads in their purse for this exact purpose.

#7 Simple Parking Lot Etiquette

Amen! Getting out of a parking lot shouldn’t turn into a game of Tetris. And hey, their car is going be the one on the receiving end should you end up making a mistake.

#8 People Are Like Cars

Streets may look chaotic at eye-level, but they have a sort of order when you look at them from afar. Don’t disturb the traffic of walking people by randomly stopping dead in your tracks in the middle of the street.

#9 Remember: Pets Are A Big Responsibility

Yes! Pets aren’t just a cute gift; they’re a long-term commitment. Don’t surprise someone with a pet unless you know they’ve been wanting to get one anyway.

#10 The Five-Minute Rule

You wouldn’t want people constantly pointing out your flaws. Chances are, the person is already aware of the perceived flaws, and you’ll just end up making them feel self-conscious.

#11 And Say It Like You Mean It

First, saying thank you is free. Second, you can possibly make someone else’s day. It’s a win-win situation, really. Besides, it’ll only take seconds of your time anyway.

#12 A Word of Caution

You may find that waitress or waiter cute and friendly, but that doesn’t mean that they think the same of you. Remember what industry they’re in and move along.

#13 Don’t Be That Guy

We’ve all seen this person around the store. Some people have even named a haircut after them. Ever heard of the ‘Can I speak to your manager haircut’? Don’t you just wish they’d suffer the consequences of their rudeness? We’re sure a law would make them think twice before embarrassing an employee ever again.

#14 Some Things Are Just People’s Private Business

Unless you’re a very close family member or friend, refrain from prying into a couple’s private life like that. You never know. They might be really struggling to conceive, and you’re prodding on a sensitive topic.

#15 Hear, hear!

Similarly, stop assuming that a woman is pregnant. This usually leads to some very awkward situations.

#16 The Bride’s the Star of the Show

This rule mostly applies to female guests. Give this one to the bride, honey. You’ll get your time in the sun at your own wedding someday. Besides, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of other dresses in color.

#17 Earphones Count, Too

There’s a proper time and place for small talk. It’s usually not when you see a person wearing both of their buds in their ears — having just one bud in usually means that you can talk, but it still depends.

#18 Remember Your Table Manners

Nothing can get you to lose your appetite quicker than getting a glimpse of your friend’s meal as he chews it across from you, right?

#19 Every Flyer Should Abide By This

Frequent flyers know how uncomfortable it can get in a cramped airplane, especially during long haul flights. Imagine spending twelve hours not getting access to your seat’s armrests because you’re between two flyers who don’t know about this unwritten rule.

#20 Unassigned Assigned Seats

We’re betting everyone knows this one already. Perhaps it’s a remnant of people’s animal instincts, and it’s a way to mark our territories? Whether that’s true or not, schools should take unassigned assigned seat stealers seriously and sanction their barbaric actions.

#21 And Feed Them After

The key word here is ‘move.’ If you’re expecting your friend to help you pack, too, you should’ve just gotten movers. Or better yet, compensate your friend for their time at least.

#22 Something to Remember When You’re Heated

People often judge others by their actions and their own self by their intentions. Realizing this would change the way we see others and may result in being kinder.

#23 We Don’t Make The Rules, They Just Are

This one’s very specific and universal, yet it seems like nobody actually knows how this unwritten rule came to be. Still, it’s a very useful rule that everyone should follow.

#24 Thank Us, Later

To people who usually takes videos in portrait, have you ever seen a film or tv show shot that way? While it might be too harsh to make it punishable by law, people who don’t take landscape videos should realize the crime against visual art they’re committing.

#25 The Importance of Respect

Here’s something to remember: never be rude to the people who handle your food. You can probably already infer why that is so. Besides, service workers are already working long hours for so little pay. They don’t need a dose of a customer’s attitude, too.

#26 Don’t Be That Co-Worker

Only do this if you’re trying to be the most unpopular person in your office. Besides, you’ll also be thankful once a law against microwaving fish in the office microwave has been passed. You’ll be there to endure the smell, too, right?

#27 Proper Urinal Etiquette

All men know this buffer zone rule. It’s a red flag for creepy when another man violates this rule and uses the urinal next to you.

#28 It’s Easier This Way

Only single parents with small children that can’t be left alone at home can get exempted from this law. For everybody else, the rule applies. No dragging of your entire family grocery shopping!

#29 Don’t Purposely Embarrass Your Friends

We’re pretty sure a lot of people would get behind turning this unwritten rule into cyber law. Imagine, no more untagging unflattering photos of yourself or having to stay off Facebook because it’s filled with spoilers for shows and films you’ve been meaning to watch.

#30 Something Gym Rats Should Live By

Not only will doing so keep the place looking orderly, but it could also prevent accidents from happening. And considering how damaging it could be to trip or fall because of a dumbbell lying around, it’s only right to make people who leave them there accountable, don’t you think?

Which of these unwritten rules would you actually like to see turned into real-life laws? How do you think society will adjust to it?

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