35+ Hilarious Home Design ‘Hacks’ That Didn’t Work Out The Way People Expected Them To

Upgrading your home is a great way to increase its value. Sometimes, though, something is lost in the translation from design to implementation. Whether you or the contractor is trying to cut corners or didn’t measure correctly, these mix ups can cause real problems down the road.
While some of these fails are not that big of a deal, such as a door being put on the wrong way or a light fixture placed in the wrong location, others have more far reaching implications. Examples include, putting the kitchen or bathroom sink in the wrong location, stairways ending in the wrong place, and trees blocking off doors.

These hilarious home design fails show why it is important to learn what you are doing before modifying anything in your home. It also shows the importance of hiring a professional if you do not know what you are doing.

1) Just Taking a Bath in the Dining Room

This person decided that they wanted to take a bath literally right after dinner. At least it is a nice large tub. I wonder how they handle it when company visits, especially when the homeowner is not quite done with their bath yet.

2) You’re Going Nowhere

This home has a tree in the middle of the driveway, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a garage. I guess you could get a small car past the tree, or even a bicycle.

3) Crooked Stair

This odd set of stairs demanded that the homeowner get creative when installing a hand rail. If it was me, I would have skipped the handrail altogether. Unless the homeowner is old or likes to walk on that side of the stairs, there is really no reason to have a handrail there in the first place.

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