35+ Hilarious Home Design ‘Hacks’ That Didn’t Work Out The Way People Expected Them To

4) Enclosed Porch

Here’s a head scratcher for you. Either this person really believes in security and doesn’t mind having to hop the railing of the porch every time he comes and goes, or someone really messed up. Luckily, this looks like an easy problem to fix with a saw.

5) Vertigo

It looks like whoever designed this bathroom was drunk. Hopefully, they didn’t go in it while drunk after it was finished. This picture gives me vertigo just looking at it. Yikes!

6) Bad Placement 1

This is a bad placement for a downspout. it looks like they could have chosen to take it straight down, but chose to douse the plug instead. Hopefully, the homeowner doesn’t plug anything in during a rain storm.

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