35+ Hilarious Home Design ‘Hacks’ That Didn’t Work Out The Way People Expected Them To

22) Bad Placement 3

Here is another example of badly placed items. I guess if there are any ghosts in that building they have a cool placed to get some air while they haunt the living. Or the living could crawl out the window to get outside.

23) All Bricked Up

Here’s a strange sight, a bricked up window with a smaller window inside. Did whoever did this decide that they didn’t want the bigger window after they put it in? Maybe it was too much light, or, better yet, they had a bunch of extra bricks.

24) Kitchen Bath

Here is another family with the bathroom in the kitchen. This is either a really small house, or this is a fad with some people. Either way, I would recommend avoiding using the bathroom while someone is cooking to avoid cross-contamination.

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