35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

28. “Coworker Drove His Power Wheels To Work. That’s A Car Battery On The Hood”

Sometimes people who don’t care about anything do some pretty crazy stuff. It makes sense; they don’t care about what people think of them, and social norms clearly don’t perk their interest like everyone else’s. So, in order to keep themselves entertained in what probably seems like a pretty boring world, they do something a little nuts. Like this McDonald’s employee who drove his Power Wheels to work using an actual car battery to get him there!

29. When You Don’t Care If You Miss The Lecture

College is expensive. So, if you spend the whole night studying for an important class, there are no excuses come morning when it’s time to get up and get going. When all you really care about is getting credit for attendance, and not so much the participation, you wisen up and just bring your sleeping gear to class and find yourself a cozy spot in the back…on the floor, while you snooze.

30. “Best Engagement Photo”

Poeople who truly don’t care are the ones who end up having the most laughs. After all, if you don’t care about anything, you know how to laugh at yourself, which can provide endless entertainment. That’s the case with this woman who, unlike most women that have to have everything about their engagement pictures be perfect, managed to laugh pretty hard at herself when she lost her wig as her fiancé tried to spin her while they danced. She actually kept the shots as part of the photo set!

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