35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

31. She Doesn’t Care What It’s Used For

When people don’t care about how people view them, they get pretty comfortable going against the grain of society. This is actually useful, at least to them, because it helps them think outside the box when they need a solution to a problem. Like this girl, who doesn’t really care what a plunger is supposed to do. She needed it to be a subway pole, and now it is one!

32. Laziness Can Breed Innovation

When a person doesn’t care about appearing lazy to others, they can come up with some pretty great ideas. This is how the beer-hat came along, for example. When a dude got too lazy to keep grabbing his beers and too lazy to lift the can to his mouth, he invented a hat that held two beers attached to one straw and made millions. This guy is sort of like that, but it’s a lawn chair straw and he’s not rich…yet.

33. Just Get The Bottle Open Already!

When it’s party time and the cork gets stuck, no one cares how it gets un-stuck, as long as it doesn’t take too long to get it open. No one likes to lose a buzz, after all. This lady’s ability to not give a crap about anything saved the day, though, when she realized that her stilettos could easily double as a corkscrew! Way to be a hero, girlfriend!

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