35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

34. “There’s Lazy And Then There’s This Guy”

Just because you want to see the show in person doesn’t mean you have to look directly at it. When you don’t care about anyone’s personal space or whether or not you’re disrupting the view, you can come up with ingenious ways of achieving goals. Like this guy who figured he could have the best of both worlds, and watch the live show while laying down using a selfie stick and camcorder. Way to go there, bud!

35. “Instead Of Fixing The Hole, We Got Creative.”

Some folks not only don’t care about their shortcomings, but they’re also actually proud of them! Like this guy who decided to take a tumble down his staircase on Thanksgiving day. Rather than getting all upset that he put a huge hole in his wall and plastering it up, he decided to commemorate the moment by turning it into a work of art that even Duchamp would be proud of!

Some of the people walking around this planet with us really couldn’t care less about what the world thinks of them, especially when it comes down to more important matters, like beer. These 25 people are masters of not giving a crap though, and to them…we tip our hats! Please SHARE this with your friends and family and, most importantly, stay crazy, friends!

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