35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

13. “And We Want To Evolve As A Society”

When you don’t care to go the way of the commoner, you sometimes end up taking the harder path in life. Such is the case with the woman in this video, who decided that it was clearly better to walk against the moving sidewalk to get to where she was going. Either that, or she was simply too preoccupied to care about how she got to where she was going or how much time it took.

14. “This Beer Has A Smoky Finish”

Sometimes the world around you can be burning to the ground, or maybe even just the couch you are sitting on, and certain people will take zero notice. This guy’s priorities revolve completely around catching his buzz, even if he catches himself on fire doing it. That’s one way to motivate your chug!

15. “It’s Springtime In The Midwest Again”

Granted, the Midwest is known for its springtime snow. People who tend to treat their lawns as if it were a hot sunny day out during the middle of a mild blizzard, however, are not a common occurrence. Those people truly don’t care what mother nature intends to do with the weather, if it’s springtime, it’s lawn-mowin’ time!

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