35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

19. “This Is The Right Time To Wash The Car! :)”

This guy doesn’t care how he looks to other people! As long as he can save a buck or two on water costs, and be green at the same time, he is going to find a way to take advantage of it. Yes, even if it means going out and washing his car in the middle of a hurricane, as he did in this video, to avoid using his hose and his own water so he can get the job done on the cheap. As crazy as it seems, props to this brave lunatic for achieving goals!

20. When You Don’t Really Care If Your Dog Gets Exercise On His “Walk”

Sometimes people can go their whole lives without caring about other people, but when it comes to animals, they’re all but wrapped around their paws. These are the people you can see “walking” their dogs through a grocery store on their shoulders. They might not care about what you think of them, but the dog’s opinions and desires definitely matter!

21. When All That Matters Is Your Swing

Anyone who knows an avid golfer knows they can be just a tad bit insane. That’s because come hell or high water, the more intense golf players will stop at absolutely nothing to knock out that hole-in-one. That includes braving the heat of a gigantic fire burning the mansion behind you to ashes! Talk about dedication.

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