35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

22. “Just My Neighbor Vacuuming His Grass…”

Lawn enthusiasts can be a little quirky at times, to be sure. Some of them, though, can really take their passion for bare lawns to the next level. Like this crazy bird, who figured that if a vacuum works to pick up the house or a shop, then it should easily be able to handle his yard debris, and he’s right! And no, he doesn’t care in the least about what anyone thinks about him, so long as he found a way to hack his yardwork.

23. When You Don’t Care About Anything But Making It

Sometimes, if you are going to get to where you need to be, you just can’t care too much about what others think of you. It will slow you down. Like this crazy bastard, who was probably running late for his role as a centaur extra in some Greek mythology movie, but had the bad luck of a costume designer who confused horses with zebras. All inconveniences aside, if you gotta take the subway in a rush, there’s no time for a clothes-change.

24. When You Don’t Care About Where You Fall Asleep

Most people tend to be a little bit shy when cramped with a bunch of strangers in a public setting. They have trouble when someone takes a seat next to them, let alone nodding off right next to one. Not this girl, though. She gets a gold star for not caring a single bit what other people are thinking of her as she uses her big ol’ boobies as a pillow while she sneaks in a quick nap.

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