35+ Hilarious People That Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks About Them

25. “Why I Hate To Take The Subway”

This guy really doesn’t care if the way he presents himself makes people uncomfortable or not. He knows that a subway is a place of freedom for the eccentric and boringly normal alike. So, regardless if it makes you feel offended, he is gonna let his bright pink freak-flag fly, and he’s going to use his favorite Hello Kitty purse to tie the whole outfit together and crush the subway fashion show!

26. When Your Immediate Desire Outweighs Social Etiquette

No one likes to sit around and hang out with strangers at the airport. We get it! It takes a certain type of person, though, to go against all concepts of public decency and whip out a Playboy magazine right next to a group of strange women while you wait for your flight to be called. That would be this guy, who apparently really needed to get into his “happy place” before his flight!

27. When All You Care About Is The View

Some of the people who don’t care about anything in life also are the people who experience some of the most amazing moments in life. For instance, this man who doesn’t seem to care about his own safety whatsoever. He is also the guy getting the experience of a lifetime while he soaks in a serene evening suspended above the jungle canopy on nothing but an old woven net!

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