35 Little-Known Airport Travel Tips That Will Make Traveling Much Less Stressful

Airports can be stressful at the best of times. They’re filled with rushing people, stocked with overpriced food and designed in confusing ways. And for people who have a fear of flying, it’s even worse!

But circumnavigating airports can be easy if you know a few things. There are many tips and tricks that almost anyone can take advantage of to get through an airport efficiently. Below are 35 of the handiest. All of these can ensure that the only thing you’re worrying about at an airport is how much you’re going to enjoy that vacation!

Get a Medical Professional to Register Your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal

All you need to bring your pet onboard the plane with you is a certification from a medical professional stating that it is an emotional support animal. You should always read up on the rules of the airline to make it 100% certain that you can bring your pet onboard and then register the pet beforehand.

Invest in a Travel Kit for Your Liquid Essentials

Everyone hates the restrictions in place regarding liquids on planes. While it’s an important safety feature, it’s still damn annoying to leave all your shampoos and fragrances behind. But if you buy a travel kit that comes with airport-friendly empty bottles for filling, you can get around this!

Flying at Night Is Always Easier

Kids can be a nightmare on planes. But at night, there are barely any children flying. Tickets are also cheaper and the plane will be much less crowded.

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