35+ Times Humans Were Accidentally Camouflaged In Their Surroundings

Chances are if you ever find yourself matching your surroundings it is purely by happenstance. As a matter of fact, many put on the first thing they pull out of their drawer or closet when getting dressed for the day, though for some people, this process can take hours.
Sometimes, purely by happenstance, people put on outfits that match their surroundings wherever they happen to be at the moment. While this can lead to embarrassment for the wearer, it is usually hilarious to others around them. And sometimes, this unintentional camouflage can exceed what you were expecting.

Here are some people who have put on the perfect camouflage to help them blend into their surroundings. Whether they look like an object in the environment around them, or disappear into the background, these perfectly camouflaged individuals will have you laughing.

1) Matching Shirt

This individual has a shirt that matches the packaging of a popular brand of health drink. This begs the question, are they a fan of the drink or was this merely a coincidence? I wonder if she has other favorite drinks for which she has a matching shirt in her wardrobe.

2) Like Bag, like Shirt

Hey, at least it should be easy to find this bag if it gets misplaced. It is probably easy to spot in baggage claim at the airport. If he ever forgets what color it is, he can just look down at his shirt for a reminder.

3) Striped Couch

3This guy’s shirt matches that of the couch he is sitting on. The only difference is his stripes make him look fatter. The stripes on the couch remind me of the movie character Beetlejuice for some reason. I better be careful to not say Beetlejuice three times.

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