40+ Times Mothers-In-Law Made Life Much More Interesting

There’s something very interesting when it comes to mothers-in-law. Stereotypically, your spouse’s mom is a pain in the neck. She might try to insert yourself into your private life or make personal comments. Or maybe she just doesn’t like her child’s choice of spouse and isn’t afraid to say so.

If you watch sitcoms, the mother-in-law is always intrusive and obnoxious. Just take Marie Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She lived right across the street and was always over at her son’s house. What’s more, she wasn’t shy about expressing her opinion about everything her daughter-in-law Debra did.

Relationships with mothers-in-law can be much more complicated. If you’re lucky, you might have an amazing friendship with your mother-in-law. They can become a second mother who loves and supports you.

We all hope to have a solid friendship with the mother of the person we marry. But whether we do or don’t, you can’t deny that it’s a complex, nuanced, and often hilarious relationship. It’s bound to happen when you share a family and loved ones. Here are 40 mothers-in-law who made life much more interesting for their families.

1. The sun’s shining…in her face

When she complained about the sun being in her eyes, one man turned to find his mother-in-law sitting like this. The sun must’ve really had it out for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to realize she could scoot three inches to either side to avoid it.

2. So how’s that Photoshop class going?

When your mother-in-law takes a Photoshop class, you might just end up with pictures like this. It appears as though she went to visit the royal family and had an absolutely amazing time.

3. When you’re suffering from empty nest syndrome

Parents often struggle when their children grow up and move out. To cope, sometimes they take up hobbies and other times, pets. This mother-in-law got a goat and named him Cedric.

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