50 Funny Electronic Freeway Signs

Freeways can be a dangerous place. That’s why local departments of transportation will have electronic signs with messages for their drivers. These messages are intended to keep drivers safe.

And in some states, they are also intended to make you laugh. Maybe the laughter will make the safety messages stick in your minds. It could work, you never know.
And the signs we’ve compiled are extra hilarious. They will give you a hard chuckle. Just don’t check this list out if your eyes are on the road.

Here are 50 funny electronic freeway signs that will inspire you to be a better driver.

1) Getting Your Attention

This is to be read in the tune of The Rolling Stones’ “Get Off of My Cloud.” It’s a good way to get people’s attention. But this song will be stuck in people’s heads the whole night.

2) Peas and Guac

Whoever thought of putting peas in guacamole is a terrible human. No, not really but defiling guac with peas is a travesty. They DON’T go together.

3) The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Your dog thinks you’re the greatest. Your dog thinks that you could do no wrong. We should all try to drive that way.

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