50 Of The Most Cringy Online Dating Fails That Will Have You Cracking Up

Oh, Tinder. You are always providing us with hilarious horror stories and memories of hopeless mishaps!

We all have that awful Tinder story. You know the one: the one you don’t EVER want anyone to find out about! Or maybe you haven’t had a crazy encounter yet – in that case you’ll find these epic fails even more hilarious.

There are so many cringe-worthy stories to choose from! We’ve compiled nothing but the best. Here are 50 epic Tinder fails that will have you blushing into your phone.

1. Thanks, Mom

My guess is this guy did not get a message back. That’s not exactly what you want to see when you get a Tinder message from a new match. I can’t even imagine!

2. Autocorrect

That’s…um…not how it works. Smooth move though – NOT! Do not try this again.

3. Right To The Point

This non-romantic single decided to get straight to the point. Did it pay off? Of course not! But neither did neither did messaging the poor recipient 4 times on the first day!

4. Okay Then

This has to be one of the weirdest conversations to have ever taken place on Tinder. It is simply so bizarre. You never know who you will meet.

5. You Are Not Slick

This guy thought he would be cool and send one message out to every girl. Time saved, right? Well THAT backfired!

6. What A Jerk!

Didn’t you ever hear? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Who would wish for a stranger to fail in school?!

7. …Nevermind

If I opened this message on a Friday night, I would put down my phone and think about how much I LOVE my own company. I mean, come on? Who does this??

8. Weirdo!

I don’t know if this is meant to be a joke, but it is not okay! Why do people suck so much??

9. Fab Fruit Pun

The first message writer had no game, but the recipient was on fire! This is Tinder, not 21 questions. Thank you very much.

10. Lazy Day

Leaving your apartment for the first time at 5pm on a Sunday. Yeah, this guy isn’t exactly exciting. And it looks like his match actually went out and lived a life.

11. Maybe It Was A Typo…

Either this guy is a lazy typer, or he is super creepy! Either way, he is bad at flirting. “So tell me a bit about yourself” is NOT a pick-up line!

12. Truck Pics

I don’t understand why people post pictures of their trucks or cars on Tinder. They usually aren’t even that great! Someone is on Tinder to meet you, not to see your truck.

13. Eww No

Sorry, bro. Your hat can’t save you now. At least it got you this far.

14. Where’s The Intrigue?

It’s Tinder: we all know why you’re here. But the idea is to play the game. You could at least act like you’re interesting.

15. No Novels, Please

We don’t go on Tinder to read novels! Keep it short, sweet, and simple. We don’t want our food to get cold reading your first message!

16. He’s Honest

This is such a circuitous conversation. Don’t pretend you don’t know what Tinder is about! Come on.

17. So Punny

When you need to get out of a conversation, just make a pun! If done properly, it will ward off any future responses. Good luck!

18. True Love

Obviously the engagement is a huge success. I can’t wait to hear about the wedding! This person wants to hog all the finacées.

19. Time To Let Her Know

Someone needs to let her down easy. She’s so worried! She will learn soon enough.

20. Harsh

How hard is it to spell correctly?? Smart phones have autocorrect! This girl has no patience for ignoranc

21. Grammar Is Important

Even the most intelligent people seem downright dumb when they don’t use proper grammar. Look at what you are typing! It’s not that hard!

22. A Little Too Far

Sure, you might think you’re funny, but I really doubt Dina thinks so. People don’t like to have their names messed with so much. It obviously didn’t work the first time, so just stop.

23. Too Many Questions!

Chill out! Repeating the question does not make anyone want to answer faster! It just makes them want to run away.

24. Jessica Is Not Flattered

Jessica is not flattered by the fact that you called her sexy, and she doesn’t want to play into your games. Quit while you’re ahead.

25. You Go Girl!

No one needs to take that kind of nonsense! Even if he’s a human, he should be neutered! It would do humanity a favor.

26. Got You There

If she wanted to show you her butt, she would have posted a pic of it in her profile. Sure, it might be a cold response, but it is HILARIOUS and well-deserved.

27. Tiny Hands

This one is SO CRINGEY! Don’t compare your self to a goblin!! And most women…don’t want a man with small hands…

28. First Novel

Alex might be a little old to be working on novel number 1. By the time you’re Tinder-aged, you should be pretty well-read. Or at least have read more than one book.

29. Oh Wow

This got too real, too fast. WHAT?! People are crazy!

30. Outsmarted

You have so much time before sending the first message on Tinder. You should definitely think of a line before you type! That’s just common sense.

31. Couch Surfer

People say honesty is the best policy. This girl took that advice SUPER literally. Maybe rethink your life choices.

32. Student Debt

Having a ridiculous major is bad enough. But that is so much debt! And based on your major, you won’t be able to pay it off very fast.

33. Nice Try, Though

Maybe that half-written, over-used line will work on someone else. I doubt it, but it definitely won’t work here!

34. Ouch

At least try to be original with your pick-up lines. You get one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t blow it!

35. Did You Really?

The saying goes that there’s no harm in trying. News flash: if you’re going to “try” at something, you might want to put a little effort into it. Just a bit.

36. Well Played

This online dater knows what he’s doing. He does NOT want to be tied to any commitments, and he is being clear about it.

37. Perfect Match

Seriously, how did these two miss out on each other? Sarcasm is the most endearing quality! And two people being sarcastic absolutely means that they should sleep together!

39. How Sad

Confidence is key in handling life’s difficult moments. Don’t sell yourself short! What will that accomplish?

39. Expert Chef

Who even needs you, Alex? What’s so great about you, huh? How does your cereal come out?!

40. Men Are Like Wine

If this didn’t turn him away, I don’t know what will. Being bitter is not a good way to go. It just prevents you from meeting great people.

41. Daddy Issues

If you’re looking for a father figure, you might be in the wrong place. There were SO MANY options on Will’s list, but father figure just wasn’t one of them! Better luck next time.

42. Great Date

Sure sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? They can spend their evenings filling out paperwork and staying inside. It’s like a new-age love story.

43. No Pressure

This guy has some HIGH expectations! His date needs to already be a pro, or he doesn’t want to bother. So what is your skill level??

44. Learning The Alphabet

This comeback was so on point! Pretending your friend took your phone will never help you recover from that lame joke! I’m glad he recognized how much he messed up.

45. Too Much

Has this ever worked on anyone?? If so, I need to know why! It seems silly, but people keep trying to write garbage messages like this, so there must be some reason.

46. What A Win

I wonder what kind of world you need to live in to think “I smiled a little” is a big win. I guess there are worse reactions. But there are also way better ones.

47. Plus I Really Love Turtles

First he tells her to change her pictures, then he insults her and her friends. THEN he mentions his love of turtles! This guy can’t be serio

48. Heads Up

I just wanted to let you know, you’re great but I’m already seeing someone. Tinder really worked for me. Not enough to delete my app, stop matching people, or stop messaging them, but it worked. Just thought I’d let you know.

49. A Real Intellectual

What a conversationalist! That response was so relevant to what was happening. My mind is blown.

50. It’s A Simple Question

We don’t care if you’re impressed, Ellie. We wanted to know if you prefer pancakes over waffles. Learn to answer the question!

51. Dating within your own ‘race’

This story might not have been from Tinder necessarily, but it’s definitely eye opening. The human race is one race!

Tinder isn’t the place you go to meet Cinderella or Prince Charming. Conversations can be awkward or – even worse – disrespectful. These fails are so cringey it’s crazy!

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