50 Of The Worst And Most Terrifying Face Swaps Of All Time

Is there anything more expressive than a face? Especially if someone uses their creativity to bring out some of the most unthinkable facial swaps, such as those helped by the famous Snapchat app?

We can place a $1000 bet you won’t stop laughing-out-loud after seeing some of these terrific face swaps from Snapchat users.
The history of the face-swap feature is not something too distant from the past. On December 14, 2015, Face Swap Live became the first official app to introduce this exciting new feature for selfie-lovers. Snapchat came and did the work of “icing on the cake” to popularize this feature worldwide.

So, what is so special about the face swap feature? Well, it enables two users of different physique and looks to exchange each other’s face – in the app filter of course 😊

That is where the funniest part comes into play. Imagine putting a woman’s face onto a man’s or a burger onto a cat’s? Looks weird and funny, right?

That is why when Snapchat introduced this filter back 2017 it sparked a revolution of funniest and weirdest face swaps mankind has ever seen.

1) An Adult Son Of A Toddler Father

This is one of those types of baby/parent face swaps which makes you roll on the carpet. A perfect toddler father of a grown son 🙂

2) The Cute Piggy Girl

Which one is cute among these two – girl or the piggy? We believe both, but this is certainly an astounding face swap example, indeed.

3) A Child From Tales from The Dark Side

Remember that goosebumb-giving horror show from the 80s? This kid gives me a good memory from one of the episodes I watched when I was a kid – a terrifyingly terrific face swap example 🙂

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