50 People Who Are Too Clever To Ever Have A Difficult Life

Some people seem destinated to make life harder for themselves. So what a relief it is to come across those clever enough to solve problems in fun and creative ways.
These 50 resourceful (and sometimes hilarious) people have managed to go above and beyond in ways we might never have thought of.

From genius workarounds to easy (but less than straightforward) fixes, here’s some inspiration from people who are too smart for their own good.

1. Bath Time

Here’s one ingenious way to keep your dog calm at bath time.
Your squirrely pup will hardly know they’re being forced to get clean if they’re busy licking peanut butter off the shower. And since they’re sure to leave none behind, all you need to do is wipe down that dog drool from the wall when you’re done.

Certainly better than mopping up all the water from an attempted escape!

2. Phone Video Hack

This kid has the right idea (although we hope he got permission to use that during class).
By turning his charger plug into a phone stand, he can watch videos hands-free.

3. Cat’s Eyes

Apparently, it didn’t occur to this shopper that the placement of the cat’s eyes would draw attention to her chest. Luckily, she found a clever way to manage the eye-to-eye issue.

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