50+ People Who Had A Hilarious ‘Awkward’ Stage In Life

Growing up is hard, especially when trying to find your own identity as a teen. Whether you opted for a unique haircut or had a signature style all your own, at some point you probably tried to stick out from the crowd.
A lot of times these attempts at individuality are captured forever in a picture taken by a friend, family member, or a professional photographer. This can lead to some shameful memories as you seek to leave that part of your life behind, but for whatever reason, the photo still exists, either kept by your mom or found online.

These brave individuals have decided to share their most embarrassing moments, forever immortalized in a picture. Here are some people who have had an awkward stage in their life as shown in these hilarious photos.

1) Martial Arts Master

High school kids have the strangest obsessions, as evidenced by the sais this kid is holding. More often than not, these passions result in somewhat awkward pictures. Pictures that they eventually come to regret, except this guy who says he has none for this awkward picture.

2) I Pikachoose You!

Is this guy a wannabe Pokemon trainer, a magician, or something else entirely. He seems a little too old for Pokemon, but who am I to judge. If dressing up in a cape and carrying around a Pokeball makes him happy, then more power to him.

3) KNEX Body Armor

While you might think it cool to build and wear a set of KNEX body armor is cool, trust me, it’s not. And if you do happen to build this set of geeky armor, make sure not to take a picture of yourself wearing it.

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