50 People Who Lost Their Limbs But Not Their Sense Of Humor

Life can sometimes be a little bit more challenging for people who have lost an arm, leg, or pinky toe, but just because they’ve lost a body part doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of humor. In fact, some amputees are uniquely suited to having more fun than “two-legged freaks” with their cheeky jokes!

Amputees can bring it on during Halloween by dressing up as one-legged pirates and flesh-eating zombies, get tattoos of the little piggy that went to the market, make stubby snow angels in the snow, and even wear hilarious T-shirts that poke fun at their lack of body parts.

Check out these 50 people who lost their limbs but have no problem laughing about it!

1) “Gonna request a refund.”

Source: Reddit
Some people are so impatient! Doesn’t he know that it takes a couple of applications before you can the pinky finger will start to sprout?

2) Amputee Adventure Time Costume

Source: RedditSave the wrong hand jokes for someone who cares. It’s not like she had a choice in the matter!

“Every year for Halloween (and occasional comic cons), I like to do something fun that uses my arm as something empowering 😀 This year I chose adventure time and I got to have a flipping fLOWER BRANCH ARM!”

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