50 Times Men Shaved Their Beard And Looked Like A Totally Different Guy

Most men who have a beard are as concerned about its appearance as much as women are about their hair. When they get to the point of deciding to shave it off some have more difficulty with this than others. Some are making this choice on their own free will, while others are being goaded into it. The adjustment to the loss of the beard can vary. Some guys really adopt to their new looks well. Others feel like they are missing something and get a little gloomy about it. The expressions of their faces in the after photos of these 50 guys are good indicators as to how they felt immediately following the shave.

1)Beardless Daddy

The baby seemed quite happy when Daddy had a beard, but once the beard was gone so were the baby’s smiles.

2)What Have I Done

This fellow looked far more content with his bead. Now looking in hindsight he seems to be thinking what have I done?

3) A Big Sacrifice

No doubt this guy had been growing his beard for a long time. What a change!

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