The Story Behind 50 Powerful Tattoos

40) Father/daughter

This father got a Cochlear implant tattoo to match his daughter’s so she wouldn’t feel alone.
How precious!

41) Orchids

After her best friend died, Bri got a tattoo of her friend’s favorite flowers, orchids, to commemorate her. She thought the best way to honor her was by getting a tattoo because her friend had lots of them.

42) Morse Code

Liza and her two sisters are very close so when one went away to college, they decided to get tattoos together. It reads “sisters” in Morse code.
“I have it on my arm because I carry them with me, my sister has it on her foot because she walks in our footsteps, and when my youngest sister turns 18, she’ll get it on her back because we always have her back.”

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