The Story Behind 50 Powerful Tattoos

4) From the Ground Up

This woman lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. She vowed to rebuild her house and tattoed the plans on her hands as a daily reminder. She was working three jobs at the time.
That’s dedication!

5) Love, Nico

This tattoo is for Jeremy’s sister who lost her battle with cancer. She was special needs and couldn’t write many words but she gave her brother cards and would sign her name. This tattoo is a scan of the last card she gave him.

6) Surprise Tattoo

Just after turning 18, Valis’ aunt took her to get her first tattoo. Her mom was not a fan of tattoos. She waited until her birthday party to show her mom the tattoo in front of all her family and friends. She burst into tears of joy. Later, her mom got a tattoo of her own!

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