The Story Behind 50 Powerful Tattoos

19) Pineapple Obsession

Emily is a self-confessed “picky eater” but she loves pineapple. When they were in season, she’d ask her mom to buy them every week. When Emily told her she was going to get a tattoo of a pineapple, her mom didn’t believe her. That is, until she showed up with one.
“Now I will always have a fun story to tell about my first tattoo and a sweet memory with my best friend: my mom.”

20) Pocahontas

When their brother died, they got a tattoo of the cups they used to drink out of when they were kids. Their favorite drink was chocolate milk.

21) Nightcrawler

“I grew up thinking of myself as something of a monster. I never really fit anyone’s idea of what a girl should be and it turns out that being non-binary probably had something to do with that.” But when they went to a children’s home, they discovered X-Men and immediately identified with Nightcrawler.
“He looks like a demon, but he’s probably the kindest superhero out there. Getting this tattoo was a form of armour.”

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