Troll Slammed for Accusing JLo of “Tons of Botox”

Talking in the video, while appraising her complexion, the singer said, ‘Honestly, I cannot even see a line on my face. It is glowing and gorgeous and tight and yummy.’ The star added that she thinks the mask ‘took 10 years off my face.’

Several fans accused her of being deceitful. They claimed that they could not attribute the star’s youthful skin to the face mask.

One fan said, ‘ Love her. But let’s be real. That mask isn’t what gives her that skin. It’s lasers and her dermatologist and other treatments combined with her skincare. You can use this mask for the rest of your life and not have skin like that. This mask is like a chef giving you half the recipe to his secret recipe.’ Another follower commented, ‘Ma’am! Please stop acting like that isn’t just genetics and moolah!!!!.’

However, one of the star’s followers on Instagram went a little too far and wrote, ‘But can I just mention that brows and forehead doesn’t move at all when you talk or try to express… you definitely have Botox. And tons of it. And it’s all good. Just saying.’

JLo responded by saying, ‘LOL that’s my face!!!… For the 500 millionth time… I have never done Botox or any injectables or any surgery!! Just sayin.’

She also gave another beauty tip, adding, ‘Here is another JLo beauty secret: try spending your time being more positive, kind, and uplifting of others don’t spend your time trying to bring others down that will keep you youthful and beautiful too!!!’

The singer had been working on her skincare range for three years. She launched it on New Year’s day, under the brand name of JLo Beauty.

This is not the first time that Jennifer is accused of getting cosmetic surgeries and treatments. She has always denied the claims. Last month, she told Glamour, ‘I’m not that person. I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing.’

Lopez thinks beauty is something more than what’s evident on the outside. She added, ‘I think it starts first, honestly, with who you are on the inside and that shows on your face on the outside, that’s number one.’

Although she has comprehensively declined the claims of getting the work done on her skin, she still has access to better skincare products that many others don’t have.



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